About Us

Looking for quality cleaning services in the West Island?

The Maids To Die For concept began as a residential cleaning service in the West Island developed by Robyn Schneider in 2004 who wanted someone who could clean her house as well as she did, someone she could trust. It was a business she understood. Quite frankly, you could eat off the floors of her house. When you work in a field that you can identify with, your success rate is multiplied many times.

It wasn’t long before the demand for commercial cleaning grew. Previously owning a small multimedia company, she had the experience of having her office cleaned. Never satisfied, she would clean it herself. She added some of her house cleaning tips to her commercial jobs and the end result was impressive. Repeat and referral clientele. Maids To Die For has been growing ever since and our customer retention rate is quite impressive. Robyn Schneider’s philosophy is not to be the biggest but the best.

Why Choose Us

Looking for high quality janitorial and commercial services? Maids To Die For is a leading commercial cleaning services provider. When you choose to partner with Maids To Die For, your facilities’ cleaning needs will be met with customized service and you will be provided with exceptional employees who have been trained to fulfill your high expectations. We deliver the service you expect, with the integrity you deserve.

Leading Commercial Cleaning

Maids To Die For Commercial cleaning services was built on a reputation for quality. We understand office cleaning and Janitorial services from floor to ceiling and we know customer satisfaction is achieved with a dedicated, hard work ethic.

Maids To Die For provides cleaning services in the West Island and surrounding areas for a range of industries, from small to large sized businesses to property management. Our employees are trained to give your facility the most thorough cleaning it has ever had, every time, and we customize our services to meet your needs.

Environmental Cleaning

eco-friendly_logo_40Maids To Die For will provide environmental cleaning services and are available upon request. We understand cleaning chemicals and the cleaning process affects the indoor environmental quality of  your office, facility or home. Research has shown that improving environmental quality increases performance and productivity, prevents absenteeism, and reduces building-related concerns. (Research has shown that improving environmental air quality reduces health concerns ).

With Maids To Die For environmental cleaning products and services, we give your office, facility, or home a thorough cleaning each and every time to improve the indoor quality of your living/working space.

Maids To Die For cares about customers, employees, and the environment

  • Environmental cleaning is often as economical as traditional cleaning
  • Environmental cleaning increases occupants health and productivity
  • In addition to using nontoxic chemicals, Maids To Die For uses high filtration vacuums and specific vacuum attachments, microfiber mops and cloths to facilitate in the cleaning
  • Maids To Die For is qualified to clean floors, windows, carpets, restrooms, blinds and much, much more
  • Maids To Die For will also attend to any other special requests you may have

For quality cleaning services in the West Island give us a call at Maids To Die For today to book your appointment!